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Policy Explorer 1.1

Policy Explorer 1.1 is a tool designed to assist underwriters and managers of MGAs and reinsurers to keep better control over their book of business.

Policy Explorer is the most useful when company maintains their data in multiple disconnected databases, i.e. when premium data is maintained in a policy management system owned by an MGA and the loss information is maintained in a claims management system owned by a Third Party Administrator - claim handler. Policy Explorer brings both databases together allowing you analyze your book of business by just a click of a button.

Policy Explorer supplies underwriters and managements with a set of predefined reports, i.e. Book of Business by Year By Coverage, Book of Business by Year by State by Coverage, Largest Losses by Coverage, Underwriter by Agent, Underwriter by Class of Business, etc. Other reports can be ordered from SPI Software Solutions.

Though Policy Explorer is primarily a reporting tool, it has a basic input capability allowing you to capture information that isn't available electronically.

Technical Requirements
  • IBM Compatible 266 MHz Pentium II computer with 130 MB of RAM
  • Windows 98, 2000, XP, or NT 4.0 with SP6
  • Color monitor with at least 256 color SVGA video
  • Microsoft Excel 97 or higher - required only for the Bordereaux export

Please email us at general@spisoftwaresolutions.net to receive a free trial copy of the software.
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