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Freedom From IT SM - Network Support, Maintenance & Assurance

Freedom From IT SM, formerly known as LANAP (Local Area Network Assurance Program), is a set of network support, maintenance and other IT consulting services devised to lift the burden of maintaining networks, hardware, software and other IT assets from the owners of small businesses and allow them to concentrate on their core business instead. This is how it works…
  1. During the initial meeting SPI learns your (entrepreneur) goals and assesses your network assets
  2. Based on the collected information, SPI prepares a proposal for optimization of your network for Freedom From ITSM program and, if changes to your current network infrastructure are necessary, a quote for implementation of the changes.
  3. Once the contract is signed, SPI implements the necessary changes
After these 3-steps are completed, you are ready to enjoy the benefits Freedom From ITSM:
  • Constant network security and performance monitoring and optimization
  • Proactive maintenance of all of the covered equipment
  • Increased uptime of your system
  • Over-the-phone, over-the-Internet and on-location Desktop & Server support and troubleshooting
  • Assistance in software and hardware procurement – from specification to implementation
  • Access to SPI’s consulting, software development, web development, marketing and other resources
  • All of that through a single point of contact

Allow us to be your IT Department and...

Sail Free with Freedom From ITSM

Please, contact us to find out more about our Freedom From IT service

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