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From the inception, the main market for SPI's services was mid-size and large corporations. Some of the clients are J.P. Morgan, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA), Stewart Title Insurance Group, Swett & Crawford, WE Love & Associates, and many more. We have a lot of experience working in a corporate environment and managing enterprise-wide projects. With SPI, your organization gains access to a numerous array of world-class computer specialists. Their expertise and talent coupled with the development pattern we consistently follow give us a capability to keep positive control throughout our projects and present you with superior quality solutions.

Although SPI has capability to take on almost any project in its area of expertise, our development services are of highest use to companies that:
  • Require mission-critical software and/or hardware and cannot afford to fail
  • Have time-critical projects that cannot exceed a deadline
  • Need uncommonly high quality and sturdiness
  • Are taking on a higher profile project than has ever been attempted in the past

Our Specialists.
The core of the company consists of several multi-national teams of specialists: project management team, software design team, graphic and multimedia artists, web and on-line marketing specialists, network and hardware specialists. All of them were chosen through a very competitive selection process and represent the best of the intellectual and artistic potential in their area.

Our Solutions.
In addition to custom development we have several turn-key packages that your company may be interested in. Please, refer to our Products section to learn more about the software packages we offer.

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