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Software Design

Complex N-Tier solutions

In today's economy, custom software is no longer required only by large Fortune 500 companies. Even small businesses have needs that cannot be met by commercially available software applications. Although custom software is normally thought to be prohibitively expensive, SPI enables even the smallest organizations to utilize our custom software development services. We typically charge much less than most software companies while delivering superior quality products and services through the use of our structured development process.

SPI brings strong business and technical expertise to ensure that software projects accomplish their software and business goals.

SPI's software development services are of highest use to companies that
  • Require mission-critical software and cannot afford to fail
  • Need high quality and sturdiness
  • Are taking on a higher profile project than has ever been attempted in the past
Our special strength and pride are server and desktop applications that
  • Are database intensive (i.e. data manipulation, analysis, etc.)
  • Enable reliable data exchange (i.e. import, export, etc.)
  • And/Or presentation intensive (i.e. reporting, diagramming, etc.)
At SPI Software Solutions we always stay on the cutting edge of technology. In our works we utilize proven development tools like MS Visual Studio, MS Visual Basic for Applications, MS SQL Server, and Java. While developing our solutions we always follow three guidelines about what software must be:
  1. Simple
  2. Practical
  3. Integrable
Please, contact us to find out more about our software development services and/or make an appointment to discuss your situation with our representative.
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