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Application Integration

Almost all companies store their data in one electronic form or another using different computer packages. When companies go through the process of becoming trading partners, they very often face the problem that products used by one company are not compatible with the products used by another. In order to link their systems together in an efficient way they require assistance of application integrators.

Whether your company has one office or multiple offices around the world, your information must be managed and maintained with the highest grade of expertise. SPI Software Solutions has the knowledge and experience in the field of application integration. Also, thank to our management and development teams we are able to provide our services at prices that are lower than the prices of most of our competitors. Please, contact us about your data integration projects, and we would be happy to assist you by providing:

  • B2B Data Integration with SPI Data Integration Framework
  • B2B & B2C Portals
  • Other solutions leveraging the features of the latest Microsoft and SPI proprietary tools.
Click here for an overview of Application Integration.
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